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topic posted Mon, August 9, 2004 - 6:56 PM by  Jacques
For some reason, I find myself listening to a lot of Taiwanese singers lately.

Jolin Tsai. I know she has a new album out, but the song that really got me was Warriors in Peace (mandarin version) from the Warriors of Heaven and Earth soundtrack scored by renowned Bollywood composer A.R. Rahman. It can be described as Indian-influenced electronica, sorta drum 'n bassy, featuring Jolin's beautiful vocals singing in Mandarin.

Chen Lei. This is one of the best male singers in the Taiyu/Taiwanese/Minnanyu/Fujian/Hokkien language. I heard his song "Hwa Hee Tiu Ho" (Good To Be Happy/The Happy Song) while flying (what else) China Airlines 15,000 ft in the air. The minute I landed, I went straight into HMV and bought his greatest hits including the song. I recently played the song on the occasion of my (Chinese) aunt and uncle's 30th wedding anniversary and sold them on Chen Lei!

New Formosa Band. I remembered this group from the 1990s. Their cd is one of a few Sino-pop artists that I actually own. What endeared me to them was how they sang in the three languages that define Taiwan--Mandarin, Minnanyu, and Hakka.

Teresa Teng. Gone from this world but not forgotten. I've had quite a bit of Ms. Teng windfall lately. Someone gave me a mix cd from this hot Asian niteclub in Paris Folies D'Asie, and there were two covers of her classics: Seow Ba Jang (written as Bas Jang for the French) and Kao Shan Ching Ke/Gaoshan Qingge in English (translated as the Mountain Song)! Another friend also sent me a casssette featuring remixes of her songs, mostly made over in a Eurodance/poptrance style, but the Kao Shan song was in a really good tribal house mix.
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